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Road rage problem

Posted in Road Rage Returns
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When i try to play the road rage returns campaing the letters are strange i see it like this MISSION_OBJECTIVE_0 and i can`t know what is the objective how can i fix it?
That's very strange. What mods do you have enabled, outside of Road Rage Returns?

I ask because we do have one hack that's included with the Mod Launcher which might replicate the behavior you're describing, Text Names. It's something that shows the value of the string for every text bible resource in the game. It's basically more of a developer thing or something to mess with for curiosity sake.

If you have this mod enabled, try disabling it and relaunching the game.

I'll also move this topic to Road Rage Returns, since it specifically deals with our mod in general.
Thank you i did it and works perfectly thanks for helpme with this
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