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Unable to set destination?

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Hello! Quick modding question, I'm attempting to create a race mission, where the player must go to a specific area which will initiate the opposing vehicle to start driving. However, I seem to be unable to add this destination. Here's what my "goto" module states:


I have "m7_race_activate" as a "Type 0" locator and the "unknown" option set to 2 with the "unknown 2" option enabled and set to 0. It seems that when I add the "carsphere" string. The game automatically crashes upon me completing the stage prior to it (which is to simply get into your car). When there's no "carsphere" present, the game runs as should, albeit the next stage not successfully activating even when I reach the destination. I'm assuming that when there's no carsphere present, the player must drive directly over the set location, which is not what I want. I don't see the "carsphere" string present anywhere except the "m[number]i" files, so I don't think I need to add anything to my .p3d or m[number]l.con file associated with the same mission. I apologize for asking a simple question that most people likely know a solution to, but I am perplexed as to why this isn't working. If anymore code associated with the mission needs to be seen to work out a solution, I'll gladly provide it. Thanks for the help!
Everything looks fine, though I'm noting you didn't specify anything relating to a trigger inside the locator. Do you have one in there? I've just tested a locator without a trigger and it seems to align with the issue you're having.

EDIT: If that is in fact the case, you'll want to copy a trigger from an existing locator and adjust the position to fit your needs. Chances are you'll want the position of the trigger to match that of the locator, which can be done in the P3D Editor.
I created an entirely new locator, simply put in the location from my position in the game and edited the values of the two unknown modules. This is all I did, so I'm going to assume that I failed to put in a trigger; and I'm unaware of how to do so. There's no drop down option, and I'm not seeing anything alluding to such an option in the .con files. Again, this is stemming from my "beginner" status as a modder and I apologize for having to ask for assistance for something that most others know how to do.

The mission I'm trying to modify is a level 5 mission, and the location of the trigger that initiates the next stage is very similar to the first limo chase in L5M2, ...and Baby Makes 8. So could I just copy the locator that triggers the limo to start chasing you into the p3d file for the mission I'm trying to make, and use that to trigger the next stage for my mission?

EDIT: I was able to find a solution to my issue by doing what I had outlined in the second paragraph. Thank you very much for your help! It's greatly appreciated.
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