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dbghelp.dll - not found or something or other.

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So, I have my SHAR installed on my desktop. It runs fine. It's not in the default directory (although there is a folder that used to contain SHAR in my program files0 and it works fine. I can launch Lucas' mod launcher with no issues, and play Storm over Springfield just fine.

I have a different install path for my SHAR on my laptop but I can still launch the base game without the mod launcher fine. I have also pointed to the SHAR exe in the launcher settings, that seems to be fine.
I launch the mod launcher, and it opens okay. But I click launch and this happens:


Posted that twice with and without the /img tags just to make sure it's visible, sorry.
What version of Windows are you running?
Bit of a stab in the dark here, but I think this is caused by a dbghelp.dll not being the correct version or existing at all.
Here's a few things you could try:
  • Reinstall SHAR
  • Reinstall the Mod Launcher
  • Update Windows
  • Run "sfc /scannow" in an elevated command prompt

I'd also suggest contacting Lucas - he's the author of the mod launcher.
Reinstall SHAR Reinstall the Mod Launcher
That won't help.

Update Windows Run "sfc /scannow" in an elevated command prompt
Those two things might help but for now we have a temporary workaround that appeared to work in our testing:

You can place this DLL both next to the game itself (Simpsons.exe) and next to the Mod Launcher (Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher.exe).

You can get to the game's install directory by going to the Open... > Launcher Settings... menu on the bottom left of the Mod Launcher then going to the "Game" tab and then clicking "Show In Explorer".

Lucas is also interested in taking a look at the dbghelp.dll your install of windows has. If you wouldn't mind, it would be helpful for you to share it with him.

You can do so by navigating to C:\Windows\System32, finding dbghelp.dll if it exists and if it does uploading it to this Dropbox File Request.
Windows 7 64 bit pro on both laptop and desktop.
Interestingly, I just noticed I do actually have dbghelp.dll -- modified 6/18/2002 -- I'll upload that in a moment. It must've come with Lucas' launcher as I don't ever remember picking it up anywhere, unless it just so happened to come with any other program I use, lol.

However, I've also placed it in the documents folder from which I run Lucas' launcher, and also in the SHAR directory I use, and receive the same error.

Some thoughts -- I may have installed SHAR originally while in Japanese locale. I switched back to English in order to extract Lucas' launcher. Stranger things have made a difference so I figured I would mention that.

Also I have a few bits and pieces that aren't SHAR related in the folder with SHAR, would that cause an issue?

Edit: Replacing the dll file with the newest one posted by Loren seems to have fixed the issue. I'll mess around in the game and see if anything else comes up. I have absolutely no idea where this ancient version of dbghelp would have come from, though.

Double edit: This is just weird. On my desktop, I have the older dbghelp and SHAR and all mods are functioning with absolutely no issues.

Triple edit: Do you still want me to upload this old dll file or nah? Also, after extensive playing, everything is fine. Thank you so much.
Lucas still wants the older one if you still have it.
I uh, think I uploaded them. I'm not completely sure. I had to re-enable cookeis and re-submit since I don't tend to roll with cookies enabled unless I need to log in somewhere, but I did that, so hopefully it's there, lol.
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