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I could help people access the online game

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When I was walking on the internet I heard about the simpsons hit and run: online that this site offers, I just could not install the game, you could explain to me how to play correctly, if you explain, I could make a video on my yutube channel showing as you install and play the game, this could help many people access and play the game.
The only legitimate way to run SHAR MP or our regular Mod Launcher is by buying the game on-disc second hand, installing it via those discs and then downloading the SHAR MP launcher to run it. If you want to make a guide on how to do that then that would be fine.

Discussion of the other option, piracy, is strictly forbidden here and if you made a tutorial involving that it would also by extension not be allowed under our community guidelines (and also the guidelines of YouTube I imagine).
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