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Main thread of CMB's Translation Project: Translating Your Mods to Russian! (Closed)

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yeah, I know this image sucks


Hello, fellow community! My name is Gordon and I'm now taking "requests"
In order to "increase" the popularity of DT even more, we should start off with translating mods, right? So, I'm here to help you out
If you want your mod to be translated to Russian language, I'll do it! Just, post some mod info here, and I'll contact you later in the Discord
Mods will be released as an addon, and will have the same, but translated thread with [CMBT] mark on it, meaning it was translated by me.

Btw, this thread also functions as a log, so you can see whenever I'm taking, translating, or releasing the translation.


So, you'll need to post a response to this thread with this info:
1. Your mod's name
2. Desired font
3. Your DiscordTag
If you're not registered in Discord, well, then you should probably do it, since I don't want to leak anything.
How I'm going to translate the mods? Simple! First off, you will need to hand me your CustomText.ini and Meta.ini in Discord, so I could translate both, the launcher description, and the ingame text. If your mod also features cutscenes with characters speaking, you'll need to give them to me aswell, so I could add the subtitles to them
The only thing I can't translate - is the dialogues, since there is no way of adding the subtitles into the game yet. And I can't voiceover them too, duh
(Don't think I'm trying to beta-test/leak/steal your mods, I'm not a crackpot and I won't even try doing something bad with your mod)




1. Road Rage Returns by DonutTeam (Waiting for permission to release it)


1. The Simpsons: Hit and Run itself (Link)


Road Rage Returns is now in process of translation
(Notes: I'm not quite sure if I'm gonna get a permission to actually release it, but I'm still gonna translate it)

Updates as for 16.11.18

I've been waiting for requests and asking people if I can translate their mods for too long
CMBT is officially closed, I will not take any more requests (you didn't even bothered requesting, so, I guess everything's fine) and neither I will translate any mods
Anything that was in process of translation will be cancelled, anything that was already translated is discontinued (with the exception of Lucas' SHaR Mod Launcher, though, I dunno why I'm still gonna support it)

This decision is not final though, and I might change my mind later...But probably no, since nobody needs a translation
That's all, I fucked up again
Happy [Insert holiday or whatever else here]
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