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Donut Team Maintenance - 4 November 2018: https://donutteam.com/forum/topic/2080/
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1 week ago · edited
Have you had a look at this (LINK) yet? it's that broken menu character P3D file you said you would look at. Just wanted to remind you in case you forgot.

If you're wondering what Gordon's response is talking about, i had 2 other questions that have been removed from the thread.
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Gordon CMB
1 week ago
1-2) Both character and vehicle model can be changed via level's leveli.mfk AND level.mfk

Find this line in leveli.mfk: [AddCharacter("homer","homer");] to change the character.

Note: [LoadP3DFile("art\chars\homer_kickwave.p3d");] and [LoadP3DFile("art\chars\homer_electrocuted.p3d");] in level.mfk aren't that important. They only load up character's kickwave and electrocuted sprites

Changing the vehicle is simple too!
Find this line in leveli.mfk: [InitLevelPlayerVehicle("famil_v","level1_carstart","DEFAULT");], and change "famil_v" to whenever vehicle model you like, for example, cSedan (Black Sedan essentialy)
And don't forget to load that model in level.mfk: [LoadDisposableCar("art\cars\famil_v.p3d","famil_v","DEFAULT");], otherwise, the game will crash

Hopefully, I've described this proccess clearly. Good luck!
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1 week ago · edited

(I have removed both those questions from the thread.)
1 week ago
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Kenny Giles
1 week ago · edited · Executive Staff Member
Apologies for the delay, and thank you for your patience! Got wicked swamped with college work.

I took a quick look at the P3D, and think the issue might have been the result of some things being out of order

While the skin chunks that belong to Homer were properly deleted, the skin was properly copied over, as well as the skeleton, the order seems to be the only thing that was incorrect. The P3D files care about structure, so things being placed too low below in the P3D list won't show up correctly. You'd want to put grandpa's skin above the composite drawable, and put the skeleton just above that. Here's what it should look like!

To help out a bit, here's a download link to the corrected version of the P3D:

Again, apologies for the delay! Hopefully this helps a bit with understanding the P3D file structure.
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