Annoy Squidward Beta Release

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Hey everyone!

The public beta for Annoy Squidward is now officially released! Please note that the missions are not 100% going to be perfect. Mission 1 might crash when you start the mission, and some parts may be a bit iffy, but that is the point of a beta, to see if this is how the mod should go or not, right?

Of course the mission 1 issue shouldn't be part of the final product, but it's just part of something that I can't explain, really. I do expect this mod to have problems, but hopefully I can get them all fixed before the final release.

My beta testers were a big help in fixing my mod for Public Beta release! Here are their names below so you know who to appreciate for making this possible!

  • Filipfff
  • Mouser
  • Gordon CMB
  • Tappie2018
  • Colou
  • Kenny Giles
  • Morgan Kuno
  • Ozzel

Anyways, this beta includes:
  • Missions 0 - 3
  • 5 Cars you can buy from Mr. Krabs
  • 7 Golden Spatulas
  • SpongeBob's House Interior
  • Known SpongeBob characters walking around the town
  • Secrets

This mod was also made with the secret ingredient of a Krabby Patty, AKA love.


Click here to download the Beta!

Make sure to EXTRACT the mod using a program that can extract rar files to get the lmlm inside.
Looks interesting, I'm in :p
I wouldn't mind testing. Discord username is the same as my donut team one.
I'd be up for testing. Honestly, even just playing the demo the attention to detail is fantastic, and I look forward to the finished release.
If you need any testers, I'd be more than happy to take a look at this!
I don't mean to sound rude or stupid, but what exactly are testers needed for?
They're basically playtesters. They find bugs and glitches, missing sounds or models, unbalanced sounds and help the mod better overall.
Am i too late?

i'm interested..
I watched the mission from it on Youtube. What is the music track that plays in the mission and where can I find it?
Nightbase I Have Watch The Video & Play The Mod But I What To See The Upcoming New Version Of This Mod Tester Plz!
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