Annoy Squidward Mod Announcement

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Hey everyone!

As you may have seen, I am working full-force on making Annoy Squidward into a complete level mod. The mod originally meant for Colou's one-mission contest should be absolutely ready for completion by early to mid 2019!

If you haven't seen any gameplay of this mod yet (which I doubt), you can see some here, here and here.

You can also download the contest version of this mod here!

One issue I had with Night-Mod was the fact that not many people tested it prior to release. Due to that, I have enlisted over 8 testers for this mod!

Current testers: Filipfff, Mouser, Thomas Donofri, Gordon CMB, Tappie2018, Colou, Kenny Giles, Stoner_Simpson_72
Looks interesting, I'm in :p
I wouldn't mind testing. Discord username is the same as my donut team one.
I'd be up for testing. Honestly, even just playing the demo the attention to detail is fantastic, and I look forward to the finished release.
If you need any testers, I'd be more than happy to take a look at this!
I don't mean to sound rude or stupid, but what exactly are testers needed for?
They're basically playtesters. They find bugs and glitches, missing sounds or models, unbalanced sounds and help the mod better overall.
Am i too late?

i'm interested..
I watched the mission from it on Youtube. What is the music track that plays in the mission and where can I find it?
Nightbase I Have Watch The Video & Play The Mod But I What To See The Upcoming New Version Of This Mod Tester Plz!
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