Annoy Squidward Release

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Hey everyone!

Annoy Squidward has finally made its first full release! Follow SpongeBob as he tries his best to do what the title of the mod says,
in a fully retextured Springfield made to replicate Bikini Bottom! Many buildings in this mod are retextured, or even remodeled by my good friend Ozzel, to look like a building you'd see in SpongeBob's hometown!

The Story

In a story that recreates the signature sense of humor of the show, SpongeBob and Patrick decide one day to take Squidward with them to go jellyfishing!
When things go awry, however, SpongeBob will have to gather his friends and turn the tide by figuring out what's going on in Bikini Bottom once and for all!

The Developers

I was not the only one who developed this mod, here is a list of everyone else that helped work on this mod, whether it be beta testing, suggesting something be added, or even if I decided to completely steal borrow an idea from them!

  • Colou
  • Filipfff
  • Gordon CMB
  • Kenny Giles
  • Morgan Kuno
  • Mouser
  • Ozzel
  • Some Bot
  • Tappie2019

The Mod

This mod has many different features you come to expect from a SHAR mod, but also even more.
  • Fully Immersive Dialogue
  • Challenges replacing the Street Races
  • 7 Golden Spatulas to Collect
  • Brand new Interiors
  • Known SpongeBob characters walking around the town
  • Easter eggs, Secrets, and References

It was also made with the secret ingredient of a Krabby Patty, AKA love.

Known Issues

  • Due to the amount of vehicles being loaded, the police siren does not play during a Floor It! in Missions 0 and 7.
  • Getting a hit and run during the bonus mission may cause this to happen: Debug Checks Screenshot



Download Here!

Make sure to EXTRACT the mod using a program that can extract rar files to get the lmlm inside.


If you previously played a Beta version of this mod and saved, please make sure that you have No Automatic Saved Game Load enabled in Mod Launcher Settings in case you get this error:


There also exists a Multiplayer version of this mod!


Looks interesting, I'm in :p
I wouldn't mind testing. Discord username is the same as my donut team one.
I'd be up for testing. Honestly, even just playing the demo the attention to detail is fantastic, and I look forward to the finished release.
If you need any testers, I'd be more than happy to take a look at this!
I don't mean to sound rude or stupid, but what exactly are testers needed for?
They're basically playtesters. They find bugs and glitches, missing sounds or models, unbalanced sounds and help the mod better overall.
Am i too late?

i'm interested..
I watched the mission from it on Youtube. What is the music track that plays in the mission and where can I find it?
Nightbase I Have Watch The Video & Play The Mod But I What To See The Upcoming New Version Of This Mod Tester Plz!
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