Annoy Squidward - Release Version 1.0

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aww the list is probably full now
Ya se que estas leyendo esto con el traductor de google,pero bueno me gusto mucho Annoy Squidward y me gustaria que lo completaras.Saludos v:
i had question
when Annoy Squidaward updates???
When mission 3 is finished he said he will release the updated beta
When you will get updated Annoy Squidward?
The beta's out... now! Enjoy!
Are there other unlockable cars then the starting boat?
Also, for the part where you must kick the pelt in Mission 3, can we get more time for it?
Because this is a highly anticipated communtiy mod, I've added and as redirect URLs to this discussion thread.

You can use them at your own discretion.
for further update, the models from boating bash could be a great help
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