Annoy Squidward - Release Version 1.0

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The full mod is out! Enjoy 1.0 of Annoy Squidward!
[removed]4 months
Hello i have this when i launch the game
I just edited the post to clarify that. Read the Warning.
I'm having trouble finding the second Golden Spatula. I just like to know the general area to look for it (for example, if its in the Rich Area, Rock Bottom, Rural Area, Conch Street, etc)
Though, if the missing Spatula is the one that was on the bridge between Conch Street and the road to Rock Bottom (which I saw in videos), then the mod isn't showing it.
Hi Nightbane

I might be a bit late but can you explain how to import this mod? I've tried countless times but it won't work. And I really wanna play it
Im not quite sure what you mean, assuming its the classic "How do i run a .RAR mod?" question, then you will need to use a program such as 7Zip or winRAR to extract the .lmlm file from that. Now you have extracted the actual mod file from that, you should place that lmlm in your mod folder.

EDIT | I just saw what you meant on the discord
Yeah The Release Version!
The MP mod has all changed cars while the SP mod does not have all the cars changed is this a bug?
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