Additional Character Resources: General Information

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What does this resource pack include?

This resource pack includes the following characters that are not in the original game:
  • Fat Tony
  • Legs
  • Maggie
  • Sideshow Bob

It also includes pre-made files for the following things to make it easier to add the characters into your projects:
  • CHO and animation files for each character.
  • Pre-configured CustomCharacterSupport.ini (if nessecary).
  • Pre-configured CustomDialogueCharacterCodes.ini.
  • Pre-configured Multiplayer.xml.

This resource pack does not include any dialogue for these characters so you'll have to gather your own.

How do I use these characters in my mod?

If you'd like to use any of the characters in in your mod, simply copy the resources in that character's folder into your mod.

If your mod already has any of the configuration files nessecary to use the character, you will need to manually merge them yourself

Can I contribute?

If you have a character model you think would be a good fit for this resource pack, feel free to let us know! We may include it in a future update.

Please note that any of your contributions will be freely available to anyone as these are uncompiled resources.


The resource pack is available here.

Legacy Framework

These resources were previously distributed as a Mod Framework. If you're trying to use a mod that still requires it as such, you can download the legacy version here
how do i change to different model when i'm play ? or getting it to work ?
This is a set of resources for mods, this isn't a mod.
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