Magnificent Sedan of Homer from TV SHOW 2018 UPDATE

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As in my other topic I look for someone who tells me how to raise the height of the cars in Hit & Run?! raise the Height of car, Nobody knows? With a condition, if someone answers me I provide the download link of this magnificent sedan of the homer
my old topic:

You don't need to edit the height of the car, you need to simply move driver's (and passenger's) skeleton joints
Find vehicle's P3D file, and find it's skeleton (For example, original family sedan's skeleton is named famil_v, it's "out of car" version is called famil_vBV)
Then you'll have to edit driver's (dl) and passenger's (pl) joints
That should be it, however, if your character's already in the bottom of the car, and he still sticks his head out of the roof, then you'll have to use Blender to edit the roof, unfortunately, can't help here
thanks gordon but Do you think that my sedan wins from the donut mod 4 sedan?
No, since there's no Family Sedan contests going on (I assume you've meant this? Correct me if I'm wrong)
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