Need mods to play

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just suggest me any and ill see if i like em
Try Nightbane's Steamed Hams mod for an unforgettable gaming.

(Yes, I know that doesn't make sense.)
played that its amazing 10/10
Oh. How about a mod that's quite recent, Colou's Bonfire Night mod?
ok could u supply the link
Sure. Here you go:

Sorry that I can't actually hyperlink it.
Browse the Mod Showcase board, there's plenty of mods in there
cheers lads
Ok that Bonfire night mod looked really good i love the fact the car music kang and kodos strike back
It's too bad that music only gets used once; I can think of several missions where it would make sense for it to be used. If you're still looking for more mods, I'd recommend trying some of Gordon CMB's mods.
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