Homer The Detective - Release! (1.0.3)

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Hello, community! My name is Gordon and today I want to show you one interesting mod


Ever wanted to solve a mystery in Spirngfield? Well, now you can! In this one level mod you will play as a police officer Homer, who's just been assigned to a new case - Solve a strange robbery spree.
The concept of this mod is somewhat unique, you will mostly play as Homer, but when you'll start a questioning (or interrogation) missions, you will play them from witnesses' perspectives! That's right, you'll have the chance to play as multiple characters in just one level! There are two languages availavle - Russian and English

Now, screenshot time!

Also, here's video showcasing that "other point of view" functionality:
(Video takes a lot of space, so, that's why it's inside Spoiler)


Gordon CMB - Basically, everything
Sid3300 - Beta Tester
Tappie201 - Beta Tester
Danny - Beta Tester
PohuistDark99 - Beta Tester
Erik - Beta Tester

Sounds good.

Also, the base of this mod sounds very familiar, and I see from you're profile that you played Springfield Noire just a few hours ago...
Looks nice! :)
I have multiple assets in both, HA and SNoire, so, I was just checking one thing in SNoire
And yeah, this mod is different from that abomination, tho, their themes are similar
If I could just ask, what made Springfield Noire "very bad"? I've never actually played it and have only seen limited footalge of it, from which I thought it looked good.

This announcement would surprise me, but it doesn't because there were two videos uploaded to your Youtube channel about it recently.
Rushing and my stupidity, respectively
Oh. Well, from what I've seen from this mod, it seems like this might redeem Springfield Noire.
I wouldn't mind beta-testing
Here's my name and tag (I've temporarily changed my name as a joke with my friends):
Barry the Festive Crocodile #3521

p.s Is Waylons adventure still happening?
Waylon's Story is still in development, though, it's frozen, since I have plans on setting L3 in the Industrial Zone map...As you know, it's not finished, so I have to wait for, basically, DM4 coming out so I can continue. Dunno if the Industrial Zone's actually going to be accessible to users, but if it isn't...Well, I'm in trouble
As for now, you can freely access WS, it's in open beta state now
I would beta test, but like I stated in a separate forum, it will be a while until I can do stuff like that.
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