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Homer The Detective - Release! (1.0.3)

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Beta testing is in progress until the mod's released. (I think the mod can potentially come out this-next month. Honestly, depends on me)
And you then proceed to release it an hour later.

EDIT: Evidentially, you did not.

Also, in your original post, you stated "Have you ever wanted to solve a mystery in Springfield?". Isn't that what the main plot of Hit & Run has you do?
[removed]1 year
Somehow I forgot to reply, but uh, it's not a regular mystery, it's a crime mystery!

Ok, so, today I want to announce one thing
Since only one mission's left to develop(not counting street races, I had to drop them off, and I'm really sorry) I'm announcing a release date!
January 16 is when the mod's going to be released. Why so long? 'cause I'm giving testers time to test the mod and try to solve this crime mystery
Dunno how to end this post, so, happy insert_something_here!

EDIT: The release date can be decreased, if the testing's gonna end earlier
So filming people with hidden cameras is not a crime.
They're alliens and, uh...you know th...
That's a robbery crime mystery!
Can i be a beta tester please?
Sorry, I have enough testers
Besides, mod comes out in 9 days
No way!! The mod comes out on my birthday, I can't wait to see this. Thanks for blessing my eyes LMAO
Happy birthday @SooubwayEli! (Yeah, I know it's not 16th)
Anyways, I'd like to announce that the mod is finally released!
Hope it's not gonna repeat SNoire's destiny...

Have fun there!
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