Homer The Detective - Release! (1.0.3)

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I was part of the beta team and you haven't credited me.
You are credited in the mod. Not in the thread tho. Fixed
Cant seem to download it is the link down
It's not down. Can you specify what's wrong?
I've released a small patch today, a really small one
Moves the mod from "Unreleased" tab back to "General" and adds a couple of edits to crime cards' descriptions

EDIT: Apparently I forgot to test one thing. So, new 1.0.2 patch. Everything should be in order with crime cards now
Played the mod last night and went through a lot of it (although I gave up on the last mission because it just irritated me).

First of all, I like the concept of this mod. It's something which I'm pretty sure we haven't seen before in the community and is definitely my favourite mod from you as of right now. I understand that its a very early version of the mod so I don't really want to go through flaws until you release a more stable version.

However, one thing I do want to mention is that I think you should get someone to proofread the text as I think that since English is your second language, some phrases don't sound right to me. In no way am I slagging off your English by the way as your grammar is excellent. However, I think from a difference in culture, some phrases can sound weird because English speakers don't often say things that they do in this mod. I don't know if anyone else has noticed that or if I'm being too picky but just thought id mention it since it is something I noticed.

Like I said earlier, I don't want to rate it until you iron things out but when the mod is more stable I will give it a proper review. Looking forward to playing an update for this mod.
Well, the mod's not beta anymore (At least I think so) So I think it's more or less stable. Last mission is supposed to be hard, I've tried making the difficulty rise from mission to mission, honestly.
But yeah, if something goes weird or bad, I'll try to fix things up

No worries about the language, I will try to find someone who helps with this tho
And as for now, can you "specify" what's wrong? Not only for the mod but to "study" the language more. Just curious
I was going to give examples from the game in my last post however I only played the mod last night so I don't remember specifically what I found odd. The next time I play it I will make sure to give you examples.

It's also hard to explain since I don't speak two languages but the only way I can sort of explain it is by looking at this video (even though the Spanish version is NOT funnier) as it explains that they had to change sentences in the Spanish dub so that it would make sense to Spanish speakers.

Ugh I felt so stupid! I was in the first mission and I saw blue van saying DM4 is out and I truly fell for it! XD
Heads up! A "quick" fix to fix the credits and a bit of grammar was released today
That's probably gonna be the last patch for a while... if someone's not gonna notice something being out of place
Still, enjoy!
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