Homer The Detective - Release! (1.0.3)

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It's a nice mod about a robbery crime mystery.
I was playing and the game crashes in Nelson's race, Im one of those people who always do collecting / secondary missions first, so I was a little upset. Is this a problem with the mod or something else? (Notes: I collected all cards, all wasps were killed, all gags were found, all outfits were bought, all cars were also bought, and Milhouse's race was done. I haven't completed the tutorial yet. Im using the latest mod launcher, theres no other main mod activated other than cheat keys and I started the race with the Silver Knight.) I dont think I should be giving all this unnecesary detail, but maybe, just maybe there is something about it, let me know if all that doesn't matter anyway.
Races currently don't work. I had plans on adding some custom ones, but something went incredibly wrong and I've decided not to add them
BUT, I've might re-add them in the future. As for now, I should really release an update where the dialogues are fixed
Ah, thanks, Ralph's race is also broken but the time trial works properly
For some reason, during Mission 0, the Bandit vehicle is loaded with no driver in the parking lot behind the Kwik-E-Mart. It is loaded during all three stages (Driving to the Kwik-E-Mart, Hitting+Collecting Donuts from the Donut Truck, and talking to Chief Wiggum):

Is this foreshadowing, as in the very next Mission, a mystery vehicle (later revealed to be Snake in the Bandit) drives out of this parking lot (along with the fact that quite a few mystery vehicles are located at the Kwik-E-Mart throughout the mod)? If not, then why is it there?
You are the only one who managed to find this!
Yes, this is somekind of an easter egg that helps you solve the "mystery" a bit quicker
Also, some other missions feature a similar concept, but I don't rememeber which ones exactly
Nice to be the first one to find this. I originally thought that this was a cut evade sequence, etc.

By "a similar concept", do you mean that these Missions load a vehicle somewhere, or something else entirely?
Someitmes a vehicle, sometimes a character or smth
But yeah, the purpose of this is to investigate the missions more, not just complete them, but search for more clues inside the said mission, I didn't put a lot of characters and vehicles tho, but it's still a neat concept I think
I agree.
[deleted user]9 months
Hello. I apologize for bumping a 4 months old topic but I finally came back in past 2 weeks (just in time for the game's 16th anniversary) after a long period of not playing the game and being busy with my university and I have been trying to catch up with the mods I missed in past months, such as Cops in Springfield and this mod. Yes I know they were released at beginning of this year but I completely forgot about them until recently, so I gave them both a try in past weeks and just yesterday I came back to this mod and found the remaining card I was missing and started doing all the missions, so I can finish it and post my impressions.

I must say that I was impressed with both of these mods. For Cops in Springfield, I wish I could post in the release topic but the topic is much older than this one and I prefer to not bump it, so I chose this one because there is one report that is relevant to both mods. All I can say is the demo was really good and hope to see the mod finished one day.

Now for Homer the Detective (the main reason I'm posting here) is because there were a few issues that have been mentioned in earlier pages of this topic but I think it's time to also make a small review of the mod.

I really like the concept of the mod, I haven't seen this being used into other mods so far, so it felt refreshing in those couple of missions where you played as a different person and then once mission ended, you returned to playing as Homer. The missions themselves are well done and I also liked how when it showed other "mysterious" vehicles being unrecognizable and it just happened that those vehicles are related to the next mission.

I have finished the mod yesterday late and I may have forgotten a couple of things I wanted to say, so I will try to tell as many things I remember wanting to report:

In both Cops in Springfield and Homer the Detective, I noticed you are normally not causing the Hit & Run meter to increase when hitting stuff, this is expected since you are a cop, at least during freeroam and certain missions. However if you enter an interior and exit, the ability to hit stuff for coins and increase Hit & Run meter is restored. This is probably caused by how entering an interior already turns off the ability to get Hit & Run (and lowers the meter at fast rate) and in this case it conflicts with the fact that you already have the Hit & Run meter turned off. I hope someone can explain better than me if you didn't understand what I mean.

In some missions, there was no objective icon being displayed. I don't remember exact missions but I remember at least in last mission, before I talked to Smithers to begin mission, it didn't display any icon on screen unless I paused game, in this case Smithers' icon showed here in pause menu.

In some missions, the wrong objective was displayed. There was a mission where you had to follow Bart until he stops. It showed the follow bar and a time limit but the objective said something like "DESTROY BART'S CAR". It confused me at first but I continued to follow him until the objective was completed, so I realized it was a mistake that could confuse the player.

In Bart's mission, I followed the limo and when it reached the destination, the game crashed. I was a bit disappointed since I was doing well at the mission but I'm glad I had saved the game (I save after each mission completed) and when I tried it again, I reached until that part and then it played fine, at that point I had to evade the cops. I did good and finished mission. I was afraid I'd fail at this objective because generally these kind of "evade cops" missions are pretty tricky, if you get busted, you fail and have to redo mission. I was lucky I avoided all the cops and reached Simpsons house safely. I'm thinking the crash may have had to do with either the fact that I played so far without quitting the game (in some mods, it's better to save after each mission and quit the game every time you finish 2-3 missions, so the next mission will load fine after restarting game) or the fact that first time I played the mission, when I got to part where you must vandalize Skinner's car, Agnes wasn't inside the vehicle (so maybe that's why game crashed?) but on second attempt she was there in back of car. I could have sworn first time the car was empty...

In some missions, where you had to follow/hit/race the vehicle, there was no driver in the vehicle. I'm not talking about the mysterious dark cars, I'm talking about those normal looking ones. I forgot the exact missions where this happened, sorry I can't give more information about that.

As mentioned previously, street race 2 and 3 crash the game when started. The first one works fine, it's just the time trial race with less time on clock. Also on the mission briefing screen, the text was misaligned to left, probably because of how the main missions have text now on left and a picture of the character in right.
Because of the fact that street races 2 and 3 are impossible to complete (and in turn, you can't unlock the last vehicle), you can get a maximum of around 89% on the level progress screen. Yes I have gotten everything as I prefer to first explore the level before starting the main missions, this applies to all the mods. I feel like the complete experience is achieved when doing all objectives, not just the main missions. Some people on YouTube that play SHAR mods, don't go for the collectibles and side missions, which is a shame since they are missing some interesting bonus/side missions.

In general, missions were easy and fun and I completed nearly every mission in first try, with exception of that mission that crashed that otherwise would have been first try, the bonus mission that got me first time and I fell into trap when I had the choice to go to cemetery or power plant (I chose cemetery because it was closest and wanted to see what happens, I approached and even though I stopped at few meters away of something I won't spoil, it still caused me to fail the mission, heh, lesson learned) and the final mission that took me a lot of tries.

And now I'm going to be speaking only about the final mission. The mission itself was certainly interesting but it was way too hard IMO. I'm not a fan of some of these new ASF objectives because of how harsh they can be, I know it's always nice to have new types of objectives and I'm glad they were created since 2018 (or 2017?) to add more variety in the missions, even if the community was getting creative with just the normal objectives from the original game. But the problem I have is how unforgiving these new objectives can be, which typically results in immediate failure.

In this case I'm talking about the speed limit objective. After you destroy Snake's car (also your police car feels a bit weaker in this mission, I noticed during the confrontation your car gets a bit more damaged or the Bandit is just a bit stronger than usual), you have to keep a speed limit of 80 km/h and you must not slow down or you fail. You have to do this for a minute until the time expires. You have to deal with the randomized traffic and other completely random things out of your control, so if you just slow down once while taking a corner, barely crash into a stupid vehicle, lose control or hit an object, you have failed and must redo the mission before you reach this objective which is really hard to do (one time which was on my first couple of attempts, I nearly passed this objective but had 2 seconds left and crashed into a stupid taxi right after the cemetery part), it was quite frustrating having to redo the same objective. And then after finally doing this objective, you find Mr. Burns behind your house, kick him 10 times, he escapes and you must destroy his limo in around 1 minute and 10-15 seconds (forgot exact time, it's a bit above 1 minute anyway). And this part is annoying too, first time I got to this part, I couldn't destroy the limo in time, I had like 90% damage done to that limo but I ran out of time and got so fucking frustrated and nearly wanted to give up especially as it was like 23:00 and was getting tired, I was so close to give up. But I went to try again and hope to succeed, I was losing my nerves on the speed limit objective, got again to Mr. Burns part, I was trying my best to destroy his limo by pushing him with my car into walls/trees to maximize damage (I admit it's quite tricky to do it right as he is quite fast and resistant) and finally succeeded with only about 5 seconds left on clock. It felt like this mission must have taken me at least 15-20 attempts and my heart was beating from all those attempts I was thinking I would succeed and just wanted to get over this mission and finish the mod.

Overall the mod was good and I feel like it may be one of Gordon's best mods but the final mission kinda ruined it due to its unfair difficulty (especially compared to the rest missions, which I had no problem with), I know the last mission was meant to be difficult according to what I read on previous page (which I didn't read until today, as I tried avoiding spoilers) but I still think it was a huge difficulty spike and some things should have been better balanced, such as making the speed objective a bit easier by having to drive with a limit of at least 50-60 km/h or having to drive only for 40-50 seconds compared to 60 seconds, as well as either giving more time to destroy Mr. Burns' limo and/or making him slightly slower. I'm not asking too much and I imagine the mission would still remain challenging but it would also lessen the frustration. I don't mean that every mission should be beatable in first try as I also enjoy missions that are challenging but I don't like either when missions feel a bit too difficult that take more than 5-10 tries, that feels too much like trial and error. Maybe having a checkpoint (if it's possible to make) just after the speed limit objective would make the mission a lot more playable and if you fail you would redo only the second half of mission, in this case the mission wouldn't need to be nerfed but as it stands, I highly recommend nerfing it a bit.

To end the post on a positive note, I was thinking initially to give the mod an 8/10 because one point is lost on bugs and crashes (the crash that occurred on Bart's mission, though that could have been a one time only happening and the crashes that occur when starting the other 2 street races, I think those missions should have been replaced, even if it were just changing the racers) and another point is lost on the final mission being frustrating. However I want to be generous and I will give 9/10 just for the fact that you have improved over the past mods (it looked pretty polished to me) and the mod has a very original idea and it was a lot of fun in general, if we take into account the missions outside of the final mission. And who knows, maybe the mod might be updated in the future and the final mission could be nerfed a bit (either the changes I suggested above or adding a checkpoint if possible), as well as fixing the street races.

I'm looking forward to the other mods that you have created. I will check out the rest mods that were released in these months.

EDIT: I forgot to mention one more thing, that when finishing those missions where you played as someone else, you can still enter their car (I noticed they had Press Action notification but I didn't actually enter in them as I preferred to drive my police car) but if you look into other direction, the car disappears. I suggest making their car non-enterable once the mission is completed.
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