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Howdy Everybody, I Know Your Scratching Your Heads Wandering... WHAT THE HECK IS A LISTEN TO MY FART 465??? Listentomyfart465 is my YouTube Channel with over 200 videos and 80+ Subscribers, And OBVIOUSLY You Don't Care.....

Ahem, This Mod Is For Most Of My Viewers And Subscribers. I Thought Of Making Mod That Retextures The Level 1 Map, ALL The Cars, Character Clothing, And Finally Custom Vehicles.

The Mod Will Be For Lucas Mod Launcher, But Will Be Released Next Next Year Or Sooner (I Am A First Time Modder)
This Mod Will Be Called "Fart Mod" Kind Of A Play On Nightbane's "Night Mod" And Donut Team's "Donut Mod"

The Retextures Are ONLY a Little Bit Of References To My Past Videos, Random, And Possibly Hints To Upcoming Videos
Really I Could Tell You More, But I Haft To Get Back To Working On The Mod,

If You Have Any Suggestions, (Besides Telling Me This Mod Is Stupid) Don't Be Afraid To Say!
So is this mod is not about anything farting?

your just naming it for the heck of it?
Hey there, Listentomyfart!

Apologies, but I had to really quickly change the flair, as the wrong one appears to have been used. Previously, the topic had been using a "Mod Releases" tag, when it was under the "Mod Showcase" tag with no current available downloads. Please try to reserve the former tag solely for mod threads that have available downloads.

Many thanks, and I wish you the best of luck with your mod!
Well This Mod Is Still in The works, but now there is a trailer for It!

Thanks To My Friend For Making This Trailer With ME!!!
I could give the mod a try when it comes out,
Now That I Think About It, This Mod May Be Hard To Make!!!

I Must Say I Am A First-Time Modder, I Can Mostly Retexture Vehicles, Edit Music And Sounds, Edit Text, The Basics.
Though, I Have a Friend Who Helps Me, He Is Also A First-Time Modder.

I'm NOT saying I can't complete this mod, But the approximate time for this mod to be finished will be by next YEAR Sorry! :(

Other Than That, I Am Determined to make a successful mod for SHAR And Mark my works I WILL NOT GIVE UP
That's the spirit! (I'm going to write this no matter how overused and cheesy this line is.)
Hello Everyone! Just an update on the upcoming Fart Mod, My Computer Decided To Quit On Me, So It has been 3 weeks without progress on my Mod..... I Should Hopefully Have Either a new computer, or my old computer fixed soon. (I had to type this message on my mother's Chromebook, Which Sucks......)
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