[MOD] The Odyssey of Springfield - Development on hiatus

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We may be replacing Street Races for Unique Side Missions, you can vote against or for this here. http://strawpoll.me/6881968

Development is back in action, we're currently fixing a few minor problems we ignored in Level One, such as the timer's not restricting your movements, we were simply lazy on this and couldn't be bothered to implement it, but by the time we release Episode Two; Level One and Two will restrict your movement during dialog which thus stops cheating. Also we are improving upon Level One and we have implemented a brand new skin which features a rigged snapback hat and aviators.

Update Gallery:
New Outfit Level One!
Level Two Teasers!

[b]Volunteers are welcome![/b]
Now we've begun developing Episode Two, we'd appreciate it if we could have a volunteer or two, specifically in the porting vehicles and art categories.
Talk to me on Skype for further info: Wh1tef4ng1 So send in your vehicles and other cool shizniz you'd like to show us.


-Fixed Mission Restart for Mission 7 - product placement.

- New Default Car: Roofed Sedan (Reskinned Skinn_v)
- Added non-roof family sedan as a buy car
- Implemented 3 new clothing points!
- Revamped D'oh it For Your Son, actually made it into a mission.
- DerpyDosh created an awesome intro!

DOWNLOAD LINK! V1.2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9tx1rmkqau5ptr8/TOS+v1.2.rar
THE OFFICIAL TOS YT CHANNEL:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL8RgTjg9r3T1QiTjUpTS2g
Looks neat, man! : )
Thanks :)
Hmm looks quite good how about some voice acting?
jack-septic-Fat  what does it mean?
The mod seems really good otherwise!
Jack-septic-fat is basically a play on words of JackSepticEye who wears green and wears a flatcap and is irish, basically the costume is a green muumuu with a grey flat cap.
Ah i get it thanks for information! 
"- Add Bart's Room into Level 1"

Good luck.
Well it isn't a definite thing im going to be adding, just a thought.
Because of how the game works, you'd be doing so much harm than good by even attempting it. We have attempted and all it does is crash the game. For many reasons including how the level handles loading things, sectors which no one (including Lucas) knows a ton about, and many other things. Basically, don't bother with it.
Okay i wasn't planning on it anyway thanks for the advice anyway.
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