[MOD] The Odyssey of Springfield - Development on hiatus

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So when will there be a download link for levels 2 and 3 ???
Guys, when TOS Episode Two comes, there will only be two levels on there. xUnknown can release 2 levels of TOS Episode Two very soon, he's just fixing bugs on there first, he's currently working on it right now. And no, TOS is not dead really. So please be patient, I know it's been a long wait. Cheers!

Yours truly, BartBoy1998 ;)
- - The future of The Odyssey of Springfield - -

Thought i'd bring this dead topic back and just finally close the coffin that is this mod. I no longer own the source and have given it to xUnknown to finish off, whenever he feels like working on it is when it will be worked on. I have abandoned this project.

It was a cool ride though, during the time this was released nobody had made any fully custom missions or a main mod in the community aside from Donut Team themselves. There was a lot of learning and graft which came with the development of this mod, and i'd like to thank Kenny, Loren and xUnknown for the help on the later unreleased part of this project, I couldn't have done it alone. As for what we have publically of this mod, I'd like to thank DerpyDosh with all the help regarding vehicle creation and the amazing introduction cutscene. I'm proud to have influenced others to create amazing custom story mods and look forward for what the future may hold for this site.

This mod hasn't been updated since around December of 2015, and was released in September of 2015. Development began in July of 2015 and sloped off around April of 2016. It has been too long, and I have nothing else which I can provide for this project so I think it is safe to say my time with this mod is officially over. My interest in this mod has vanished.
Sad news to be sure, but one can still hope that xUnknown will indeed finish it. Much as I wished to see this continued, I can't ask for someone to do a volunteer project they have no interest in. I enjoyed TOS, and I thank you for all the hours of fun it brought me.
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