Which Missions Did You Find The Hardest?

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Which missions did you find the hardest on your first playthrough? Personally, missions such as Set To Kill and Duff For Me, Duff For You although being laughably easy now, were hard as <INSERT WORD HERE> at points on my first playthrough of the game.
Don't actually remember my first playtrough, but, back there I didn't know about handbrake and was running over every pedestrian I could find, so, yeah, most of missions past L4-L5 were really hard
Can beat them with ease now tho
I remember when I first tried Set To Kill, and I thought:

"This is easy. You have way too much time to destroy all of these stalls, and they're everywhere."

Two days later I was restarting everytime I crashed because I knew that I was doomed.
Here's my Top 5 Hardest Missions:

5 - Monkey See Monkey D'oh (L2M7)
4 - The Cola Wars (L4M7)
3 - Never Trust a Snake (L5M5)
2 - Set To Kill (L6M6)
1 - Alien "Auto-Topsy" Part III (L7M7)
Set To Kill was the hardest for me. It took me over 5 hours to beat and reduced me to tears (yes), while Alien "Auto" Topsy Part III and Never Trust A Snake, although being difficult, were managed by me in less that 2 hours each.
As far as I remember from my first playthrough of game back in 2005 when I was just 10 years old, I remember having trouble with many missions (mostly in later levels) that I just skipped them when I got the option to skip, until I found out in Level 7 that last 3 missions can't be skipped so it took a while to beat but once I beat the game I went to replay earlier missions and other stuff I missed in the game. I definitely remember having a lot of trouble with Set to Kill the first time, it was already difficult to destroy the laser stands but then you had 50 seconds to make it back to Krustylu Studios and it often ended up with getting close and running out of time, mostly thanks to cops catching you, since at that time I never thought of using the shortcut to go through the C-Spanker, I always went at docks and risking getting a Hit & Run on my way back. It was very frustrating to say at least.

I also remember having trouble with Never Trust a Snake, once again making it back was a problem. At that time I didn't know to leave my car close when collecting last pieces of garbage, so I relied on running to get a random traffic vehicle and hoped it was the Sports Car B (the small car) because it had decent speed and could reach in time but the rest traffic choices were much worse (the SUV was mediocre, while the ambulance and Vote Quimby truck were too slow) and you ran out of time because of that. Besides that, if you have a somewhat decent time left and take the long way back, you can also run out of time. But if you choose to go to first right or straight ahead, you will end up with a shortcut and reach here much faster. I mean on the highway, just select first right (not the second right on normal road) and you should save at least 10-15 seconds of driving.

As for Alien "Auto" Topsy, yeah the final part was hard, I remember it was already hard to make sure you don't crash to lose barrel while making in time but you had to be careful at end with the alien car that's waiting you there in front of Simpsons house, back then I did the mistake many times of running straight into it and detonating barrel, other times I had the police hearse ram into me (thanks to getting Hit & Run during mission) and make me lose the mission.

Despite these infamous missions (BTW I find funny how the level and mission number are the same, example L5M5 for Never Trust a Snake, L6M6 for Set to Kill and L7M7 for Alien Auto Topsy Part 3), I also kinda sucked at some easier missions earlier in game.

In first level although I managed to pass all story missions mostly in first try, the first race (with Skinner) and last race (with Smithers) took me at least 2 attempts to do, mostly because I sucked at races and wasn't playing as good as I do now, I don't think I remember using brake at all. However all the other missions I have done in first try, the bonus mission and the street races might have taken a few more tries, though.

In second level I remember avoiding Skinner was hard at first since it was first avoid type of objective and then I understood I had to avoid it (my English wasn't as good that time and didn't understand everything) by just running away but I guess my mistake was using the Family Sedan from first level instead of Honor Roller from second level (I did the exact same thing in level 3, using Honor Roller from level 2) but in both cases I switched to level vehicle in next mission. Eventually I did the next missions better and I don't think the Snake race was that much of a problem, I can't remember very well but I remember the monkey mission giving me trouble and probably skipping it for that time being, I don't know. The Cell-Outs mission was really easy, though, as I was good at the missions involving destroying vehicles. But the races were really hard this time around thanks to Lisa being fast in her car. The bonus mission was fine I guess.

In third level I don't exactly remember if I did well the first couple of missions but later 2-3 ones I remember failing a couple of times, I also didn't know the final objective in final mission to aboard the C-Spanker, so I always failed here as I was told to find Bart but never saw him and I drove in whole map, until I skipped mission. And the races this time around were harder, at least the street races. I don't even understand how is Marge faster than Lisa because Malibu Stacy Car has better speed and acceleration than Canyonero, I don't have the stats right now but I'm sure I have seen the MSC is faster than Canyonero. The bonus mission was fine but it had a bit of strict time limit.

In fourth level the game became much more difficult and I don't know how well I did the missions and which ones gave me trouble. Well yeah the Cola Wars was difficult as I remember having a bit of trouble at that time. The bonus mission was a bit easier, the time trial race was ok, as well as the circuit race being easier, Apu seemed a bit slower and the other competitors are a joke, so you should have no problem with winning this one. But the Ralph's checkpoint race didn't make much sense because in this one you race Professor Frink and he was really fast. If you found the race difficult with Canyonero, maybe you could try with Malibu Stacy Car as it's a little bit faster.

In fifth level the game started getting a bit more difficult but some missions were still challenging and not too bad, I can't remember very well how I did but yeah Never Trust a Snake was hard, as said above. Kwik Cash wasn't too bad because I was careful to not destroy the vehicle, I smashed into it until my car was smoking and waited for truck to drive back around Monorail area (if it was on the freeway) to collect a wrench to repair my vehicle and continue to process, it was about patience as you don't get timelimit in this objective, thankfully. I don't remember if Curious Curator gave me trouble but I will say it was a bit difficult to catch up with the car, same for bonus mission. The street races were a lot more annoying as Bart was fast and in the circuit race you had to be careful when taking the tunnel, to choose the right path (choose right when both going towards Stadium and when coming back), as more often than not you would crash into the other vehicles if they were coming from this direction but there was a small chance the other racers would choose the "wrong" path and you smash into them, damaging your car.

In sixth level is where the game got really hard. I remember the first time I finished the level I had only 2 missions finished and 5 skipped. One of missions that was easy and done in first try was Full Metal Jackass where you destroy Skinner's car to get laser gun back. You get a lot of time (I guess 3 minutes and half? Which can be done in even about 30 seconds-1 minute) and during mission your car also becomes indestructible, so you can do it easily just with the default vehicle. The other mission I did was either the third one with following Frink or the fourth one which had a difficult 30 seconds only time to go from observatory to the duff brewery and hit the Duff truck (which was quite fast despite being one of the slower vehicles in the game) to collect 6 boxes and then you had to find a laser gun that was hard to notice at first, so I probably didn't notice and I skipped the mission. And let's not talk about the races against Homer, he was really damn fast. But the bonus mission was somewhat easier.

In seventh level is where things became much harder, although this isn't really true except some aspects. I initially had trouble with third mission with Frink as I didn't know English well when game said to go to the tractor beam, so I either run out of time or smash barrel by going too fast on the ramp at the school playground. Eventually I figured out and completed the mission, so I knew in upcoming missions exactly what to do. I must say I did a LOT better in level 7 in terms of doing the missions, I don't remember if I skipped any mission but I struggled with the Alien Auto Topsy missions (at least the last 2 that couldn't be skipped, only first part of Alien Auto Topsy I'm not sure if it can get skipped but the first 4 missions and rest levels have skippable missions)
The races were a lot easier in my opinion, the 70's Sports Car was really fast and you could easily win in first place when racing against the hearse, the ghost ship and coffin car. The bonus mission was a lot tougher, short time limit and couldn't figure out to get the second item, until I realized it's on top of Krusty Burger where RC car is located. And then you had to find third item and that was the mission, nothing too difficult.

Of course I still had remaining wasps, cards, gags and other things I didn't get earlier. As bonus, the wager races were also difficult to complete (some of them), I didn't bother with all of them but I remember the easier ones were in levels 1, 2 (mostly with shortcuts), 3 and 7. The others took multiple attempts and remember being annoyed I had spent many coins for nothing, especially since I had to purchase the rest things I missed but the level 7 wager race was obviously the best option, the others I just wanted to complete one time to have everything done.

However, since then, after subsequent playthroughs in 2006 and 2007, as well as returning to game in late 2011 (after seeing some interesting modded videos on YouTube by someone named TheSimpsonsExtreme, as well as a rumor that The Simpsons Hit & Run 2 was in production, which sadly was a hoax) and then one more time returning in mid-late 2013 after finding about the modding community Donut Team, who made Project Donut at that time and then until nowadays I have improved on the game significantly and in last summer, I was able to finish the entire game (ALL MISSIONS, etc) in first try. I personally didn't expect that but I was able to do that after playing all these community made mods since back in 2017, I have trained enough that the missions from original game (including bonus missions and street races) were really easy in comparison. Not to say that every mod I played was harder than original game (with some exception) but I was ready in every situation, utilized every possible shortcut and time right in certain situations (such as timing well in destroying vehicles type of objective, to maximize the damage), as well as avoiding the traffic and so on.

What I didn't mention (it's probably better to create a separate thread for that but I will say here shortly) is that in those times I was still playing SHAR after completing it 100% (back in 2006-2007), I remember trying to find glitches and other interesting things in the game (some I found myself such as using mission select during Hit & Run to remove the police and be able to continue getting coins without worrying about police, was very useful in level 5 in combination with Monster Truck to get tons of coins) and at that time I was watching SHAR videos on YouTube and eventually in 2007 I found out about Lucas' Tweak and I used it to be able to access many things I didn't know you could access (for example I really wanted the RC car in other levels and also the alien car was cool to have, as well as the unused ice cream truck and a few others, though I didn't like the Cell Phone Cars, mostly for being the only vehicles in game that when you drive them, your character isn't shown at all inside car, as they have the property to not display the character at all), as well as modify certain things about the game and that was a bit before I found out about the actual cheats about the game.

Now I'm sorry for this long message that seemed like I only want to talk about myself but I consider myself to be a veteran at this game and it's nice to share a few tips about the game to help others who might be interested in tips, although probably until now most people have found out pretty much everything by themselves, mostly thanks to YouTube videos.
"Now I'm sorry for this long message that seemed like I only want to talk about myself but I consider myself to be a veteran at this game" - Don't be. This post is also considerably long. I also consider myself to have mastered this game.

Despite these infamous missions (BTW I find funny how the level and mission number are the same, example L5M5 for Never Trust a Snake, L6M6 for Set to Kill and L7M7 for Alien Auto Topsy Part 3), I also kinda sucked at some easier missions earlier in game. - Funny how you should mention that. This was on my mind a few days ago.

remember trying to find glitches and other interesting things in the game - I do this all the time. I also have a separate thread dedicated to helping people with glitches.

Personally, I found a wide range of the missions hard. I actually had to have my brother help me get through most of it because he had beaten the game several years ago.. He even did one of the missions for me, L1M6, which I then later did myself. I never did skip missions, though. No matter how tempting it was. I actually had warning from my brother that L6M6 and L7M7 were difficult before getting to them, but I didn't receive warning about L5M5, which was the second major roadblock from my completion of the game.

Looking back at the game, Set To Kill was the hardest. It took about 5 hours to beat, reduced me to tears, caused a lot of frustration and I consider it to be one of the hardest missions/levels that I have ever completed in a game, along with Eggmanland from Sonic Unleashed.
I use to find Alien Autopsy part 3 hard until I practiced at it and I can do it first time for the most part!
Set To Kill isn't to hard if you know some little shortcuts to help you. Casually it's really hard to do though.
When I was younger I owned the GameCube edition Really bad skills when it came to gaming and the ones I found the most hardest missions

L4M3- Ketchup Logic (Due to slow truck and very annoying cops getting you all the time)
The game forces you to get in trouble and with Pickup Truck with terrible stats its was very hard!

L5M6- Kwik Cash (Due to the really beefy Amour Truck and the semi-weak Bandit)
You just couldn't go crashing willy nilly you needed to be smart and always find a wrench around in order to fix your car and finding wrenches around the map there was like... barely.... Hit>Fix>Repeat

L7M5,6,7 Worst of all is the Alien "Auto" Topsy 1 to 3
(due hitting one thing, blows up....and going back to get it after it blows up &lets not forget the stupid traffic)
70's Sports car: it was a good car and I made it with no problem
Hover Car: It was good too you just had to be faster beacuse his car is not as fast plus you had less time (I think...)
Bandit: That was also a good run too no issues with it just be careful when your jumping off of ramps and all that it tends to slam harder then other cars (the hover car is the safest)
Grandpa's jeep with rocket: now when it came to part 3 GOD I HATED THIS ONE! the car had no handling and suspension is the jelly like... durability was trash! I think you even had LESS TIME!
Don't be. This post is also considerably long. I also consider myself to have mastered this game.
Ah ok thanks, I thought my post was a bit too long and boring to read through all of that since I like to explain a lot of things in detail when I usually make a post. I'm impressed I still remember things I did at the game back in 2005 but I have replayed it so many times that I forgot all the details I did on my first playthrough and I don't think it matters anymore but bottom line is I'm much better than before. And I was also afraid of the response I'd get when I said that I'm veteran at game, I know you understood correctly but I was afraid some other people would consider my response as if I'm the best player around there, I don't consider myself the best player and I appreciate that there are other good players around there.

I do this all the time. I also have a separate thread dedicated to helping people with glitches.
I think I noticed this thread a while ago. I should write my thoughts into that topic as well, because I have a couple of things I found by myself as a kid. I even know one glitch that I haven't seen anyone talk about it anywhere.
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