Unused Gags

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How do you activate these? (Aside from the first one, which is used.)

EDIT: Oops. I seem to have posted this in the wrong area and can't change it. Sorry.
These gags are dummied out in level.mfk, so I just removed the slashes
Ah. Seems simple enough for when I get the PC game and a decent PC. Why is the round-a-bout one there? It is used. At least in my version.
Except it isn't used?

It is. Or at least on he version that I own.
To check I wasn't missing something, I booted up my copy of the Gamecube release as well.

What version of the game do you have?
I own the Xbox version; or better known to me as the version with the most easy acceleration/braking.
Why do you ask?
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