Donut Team December 2018 Website Update #1 - General Information

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This thread outlines the changelog for version 6.3, also known as December 2018 Website Update #1.

This update will be delivered in several parts, the first of which is just the initial steps to ensure a stable environment.



This feature has been delayed until December 2018 Website Update #2. We've taken initial steps and you can see this reflected by the @Donut Team page.


  • Renamed the "Winter 2018 Event Theme" to "Aurora Borealis Theme"
  • Made the "Aurora Borealis Theme" permanent.
  • Marked the "Aurora Borealis Theme" as "Experimental"

Verified Accounts

  • Verification is now separate from your ranking on the site.
    • In the near future, well-known and helpful users will be able to apply for verification.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where any user could access the admin panel.
  • Fixed an issue where a user could change their display name to something less or more than the requirements.

Just a reminder, you can still submit new join messages for the Donut Team Discord server here:

Jake AndreĂžli
Permanent? Yikes, that's awesome!
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