Fixing Radical's stupidity mod (cancelled)

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While I love SHAR mainly for nostalgic reasons, there are a lot of things about the game that really annoy me. When I first started working on this mod all I wanted to do was make HD retextures. However, my goal now is to fix up anything I see as broken. The name Fixing Radical's Stupidity came from a response from Kenny after I showed him a pic of the "Springfeild" sign been fixed.

So far, all I can show is the HD retextures which at the moment im about 70% done. Some of the lower poly characters have been remodeled so that they dont look as horrendous as they do right now. Cars with broken meshes will be fixed and missions will also be altered so they are neither too easy or to the point where you want to throw your computer across the room like the garbage mission on level 5.

There will also be changes when it comes to dialogue and music but that will come later and i will explain more about that when I get to that stage

Here is an image below of a comparison between the vanilla game and my mod..

The download link for the first version should be released by next week but im not promising anything.

I will upload more images when I release version 1.
Nice. Looks good in HD textures.
Nice idea!
Will definitely check it out when it's released
I really like the idea for this mod, though the title could have been a bit better, such as SHAR Fixed. Nevertheless, the mod sounds very promising and I'm looking forward it!

I hope that there will be more fixes, such as the ones I tried to do 2 years ago and lost interest shortly after I made the topic (I'm not good at modding the game except a few things). Here is the topic for inspiration:
Some of those suggestions I made in that topic, could be fixed/included in this mod, like fixing the Cell Phone Cars so they don't make the player invisible when driving them (they are only cars that do that in original game), fixing L2M7 so that all 4 variants are used, adding unused traffic vehicles and so on.
Thanks for the suggestions Bart95. Some of these suggestions I have already implemented such as the unused traffic cars and the invisible issue with the cell phone cars. I will definitely take some of these ideas into consideration.
I've made 2 retextures long ago, for Ferrini Red and Family Sedan. I could send them to you, to help you with this project if you want to.
Thanks for the offer Maz, however, I have actually finished retexturing everything (and I mean literally every texture in the game) so I won't need those cars,
sorry for writing in a old forum but when will this mod be public really want to download it and play it hope this has not been canceled
It will be released in due time. Modding takes time, and lots of it.
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