Modern Fixup Mod (Broken)

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I stopped working on it ages ago. Its scrapped.
That's a shame. I was really looking forwards to this...
[removed]1 year

MACCA stated above that he has cancelled production of the mod.
Updated the main post. The mod is back in production and a download link will be posted soon.
I can't remember you were ever working on this.
[deleted user]8 months
If you would like, I have a Family Sedan file that is not a convertible.
Thanks, but I already have one that is pretty good already. Although I might change my mind if I see it so feel free to message me through discord (or here)

(also just to add I said this mod would be out last Sunday and its finished, But it crashes in several places so im releasing it as soon as the issue gets fixed)
[deleted user]8 months
Wait... Is this mod decompilable? Because if so, I would really like to see if you got the Family Sedan from Donut Mod 4. I've been looking for that P3D file for ages.
[deleted user]8 months
Well, can't find you on discord cause I am a dummy when it comes to using discord. Here's a google drive like to well like tons of cars, 2 of which are Family Sedan files.
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