Apu Mod?

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Out of curiosity did anyone ever make an Apu mod? I've seen so many Homer,Marge,Bart and Lisa ones but none of Apu (despite the fact that he is one of the playable characters in SHAR)
A mod where you play as Apu in all levels... not a bad idea.

No. No one has ever made such a mod (at least t the extent of my knowledge.).
The Buzz Team had some plans on creating such mod, it was called "Mid-Day Kwike", but I still don't know if this team is actually alive
I was wondering the same thing. I noticed there's a lot of mods that feature Homer, Bart, Lisa and Marge, as well as a couple of other characters (Moe, Snake, etc) but we haven't seen any released mod featuring Apu.
What about a mod called 'The Problems FOR Apu' where he has to find the culprit from a robbery.

To be fair I only posted this because I like the title.
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