Marge's Station Wagon

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I "made" this by with the wagonA model.It just replaces the canyonero nothing special but the canyonero is still there.

So here it is.
Feel free to decompile it and put it your mods if you would like.
Not bad, tho, it certainly needs a couple of fixes...(And a screenshot for the thread, so that people will understand what they're downloading)
  1. It's a bit too fragile for a Canyonero replacement
  2. Character is positioned incorecctly (
  3. I believe something's wrong with vehicle's index, since the camera is also incorrect (same distance for both, `close` and `far` camera modes)
ok i'll have look.
This should be in 'mod showcase' instead of 'off topic'
ok Gordon CMB ive fived the stuff you mentioned but what do you mean by the position is wrong.
Character's body is, kinda, too "deep" inside the car
do you know how I can change that.
In My opinion it IS correctly placed.
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