Donut Team December 2018 Website Update #3 - General Information

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Hey everyone,

This thread outlines the changes for version 6.4.1 of our community website, also known as December 2018 Website Update #3.


Forum Boards

Changed the way forum boards are laid out.

Under the category "Hit & Run", the following boards were removed:
  • Officially Created Tutorials
  • User Created Tutorials

All topics from those boards were moved to the board "Mod Help" and flaired as "Tutorial" or "Official" respectfully.

We also added a general discussion board for Hit & Run, SHAR General. We moved several old topics to the board, however many more still need to be moved.

This change was made on 22nd December 2018, and with some unforeseen consequences that we did not expect. This criticism prompted us to add the "Flair Filter."

Flair Filter

On the homepage of the forum, you can now click the "More" link and select "Flair Filter." From there you can filter posts by flairs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where users could subscribe to themselves by manipulating the page. Users who have done this have had their subscription to themselves revoked.
  • Fixed a mistake where on the Community Guidelines page, a sole [list=a] was visible on the page.
  • Fixed a bug where headers were excluded from being used in a [center] tag.
  • Fixed a design quirk where the new subscription page was shown in white on the dark theme.

(dunno why I'm using this, but, yeah, nice work!)
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