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I need your help.

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Hello everyone,
I'm planning on making a video on the top 10 best mods of 2018... But there have been so many great mods released this year that I need your help.
If you could all leave some suggestions of your favorite mods that have been released this year and in a weeks time I will total up the votes and see whos mod was peoples favorite!
Many thanks
Sid :)
Storm Over Springfield
A Christmas In Springfield (I know it was released in 2017, but, hey, a fixer update came out this year!)
Annoy Squidward
Toad's Turnpike
And, uh, don't really know what else.
(Don't wanna put my mods here, 'cause they suck and I don't want any self-advertising)
Hahaha, someone else might put one of your mods. You never know :)
  • SHaR: Restoration (Just watched Gordon's YouTube video on it.)
  • Storm Over Springfield
  • Really Good Mod
  • Annoy Squidward
mischievous night is the best! because have video of a episode from tv show during the missions
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