The Simpsons Hit & Run: Frank Grimes Mode

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Hi, Nathan here. I'm showing off my first mod, called The Simpsons Hit & Run: Frank Grimes Mode. Why is it called Frank Grimes Mode? Well, consider the original game "Homer Simpson Mode", with Frank Grimes Mode being considerably more difficult and not particularly rewarding, much like the life of Frank Grimes.


The main campaign and bonus missions have had their difficulty increased. These alterations can include:
  • Reduced time limits.
  • New objectives.
  • New conditions.
  • Increase in AI difficulty.
  • Forced car missions.
  • A few other twists.
Check out the screenshots for examples.



This update currently only applies to the first four levels. Future updates will use the same download link.

Version History

1.1.1 (Jan 17th 2019)
  • HUD system updated.
  • Open Wheel Racing Cars in L4M2 have been replaced with Gil in an Electaurus, scavenging items off of Cletus' pickup truck.
  • The monkey above the fountain in L2M6 is now centered.
1.1.0 (Jan 10th 2019)
  • Level 4 released.
  • Bug in L3M4 fixed where the mission wouldn't finish.
  • New objective added to L3M5.
  • The Surveillance Van from L1M7's spawn point has been moved to just outside the plant due to multiple collisions with the fence.
1.0.1 (Jan 4th 2019)
  • L1M7 bug fixed where Mr. Smithers drove backwards, as if the door to the plant wasn't closed.
  • Several dialogue clips have been added to missions.
  • Some missions have had their time limits reduced for higher difficulty.
  • Rod Flanders' inhaler from L1M2 has been moved from the top of the duff truck to the Kwik-E-Mart rooftop.
  • L2M1, L3M2, L3M7, and L3B1 have new objectives.
  • Chalmers' Honda is now a playable vehicle.
1.0.0 (Jan 1st 2019)
  • Initial release.
Future Updates

  • Level 5 will be released by the end of the month, with Levels 6, and 7 coming in the foreseeable future.
  • (Possible) Adding Superintendent Chalmers to Chalmers' Honda with dialogue.
  • (Way off in the future) Each level getting a new bonus mission, with extreme difficulty and intricacy.
But, by "more hard" you mean new objectives and stages or simply lower time limits?
Depends on the mission, really. Sometimes it's lower time limits, more objectives, forced car missions, and a few twists.
thanks Nathan i like frank grimes and I thought I was supposed to play with him, I like Frank, because his voice-over, his voice sounds like mine.
I really liked this mod but a few things that broke/didn't make sense to me were

-L1M7 Smithers went back towards the Powerplant then continued his original path this was probably because of the waypoints which you could just dummy out any before where his race starts to prevent him from driving there for no reason

-L2M4 the pizza van just started going in circles after reaching a certain point on the highway which again was probably a waypoint problem

-L3M4 the mission complete text didn't display and the mission was failed but let me go on to the next mission to fix this the AddStage command must be set to "AddStage("final");" because whenever i had this problem it usually was that

-L3M5 snake does actually own the lil'bandit i would it might make sense if you changed the objective text or all around just the car he drives

-L3M5 after destroying snake's car we just get teleported to the casino you might want to add a goto stage before the dialogue

This is honestly a great mod none the less and i can't wait until it gets finished
Hi Akshio,

-L1M7 is now fixed and can be accessed in the 1.0.1 update, just follow the original download link.
-For L2M4, my brother experienced the same problem, but I didn't. The chase AI is notoriously stupid and it's possible that it will occasionally do that and need to be restarted. I'll give it another couple of tries to see if I can recreate it.
-Didn't notice L3M4, it's now fixed and can be played when the next update comes out (not sure when that will be, possibly the Level 4 update)
-I could change the mission text for L3M5. It's mostly so that there's a purpose to destroying his vehicle.
-And finally, yes, that shouldn't be too hard to do, so that'll be along with the next update, too. That's how L3M5 originally ended anyway.
-As for the 1.0.1 update, if you want check it out, the missions with the most substantial changes are L2M1, L3M2, L3M7, and L3B1.
Thanks for the tips! I'm glad to see this mod's picking up some traction.
Hey guys,

Level 4 is now done and ready to play. Just follow the original download link for an updated version. Glad I took the break before working on Level 4, I was able to come up with some new ideas and experiment with the mission format. Get ready for some rage, this is way harder than the first three levels.

Hey guys,

1.1.1 is out. Check the version history for what's been changed. If anyone's wondering about Level 5, Mission 1 is done, and I have done a bit of work on Mission 2. It's something that will likely get more focus on this weekend, as I've spent most of my time working on the HUD.
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