The Simpsons Hit & Run: Frank Grimes Mode

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Yeah, I didn't realize this existed. It looks really well done from the screensshots! Will try it out soon.
I must say, for a user who has been with Donut Team for just over a month, and for their first mod, this is truly impressive.
Never thought that difficult missions could be fun. Great job on this mod! I hope to see more updates soon.
I love to tinker, I love projects, and Hit and Run is my childhood game, I found a way to combine all three. Making this mod is definitely a lot of fun 😁
Just tried it out (without getting too far tho), and I've gotta say, you made a really interesting and impressive mod! Still don't know how I skipped it

I absolutely like how you managed to buff the missions without simply changing the timers. I especially like(and hate) the last stage in M3, it was completely unexpected, and caught me off guard
Wasn't really hard(probably because I'm a good player?), but, I did failed some missions a couple of times
Looking forward to future missions, hope they're gonna be as hard as previous! :p
Thanks Gordon! What I like is, as I make this mod, I'm getting better at the game and I'm learning more ways to make it harder, so the mod naturally gets more difficult.
Hey guys, L2M5 is crashing. I must've changed something in an update without checking it. Sorry for the inconvenience. It'll be fixed in the next update.
1.2.1 is out! It's basically the "tidy update". I went back to all of the previous missions, fixed some of the bugs, adjusted some of the time limits and gave some missions a few cool new features. The idea is that I no longer have to revisit them, and I'm happy with how the first five levels have turned out.

I'll get to work on Level 6, soon. I hope you're all excited for Set To Kill (I certainly am!)
I accepted "Frank Grimes Mode" in the DTCSS, meaning that it will now show up in Play History.
Thanks, Jake!
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