The Simpsons Hit & Run: Frank Grimes Mode

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Which bonus mission wasn't changed?
level 7's (either it wasn't or i just didn't notice any differences)
Level 7's Bonus Mission works for me, I also checked the version I linked in this forum just in case it was exclusive to the one I had. One item has been moved to the bridge by the cemetery and another is in Burns' office now. They were all originally around the Kwik-E-Mart area.

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I'm also shortening the mod's description since the Launcher's new update can't handle the length I had. If you're dealing with an error when you hit Launch, you'll have to re-download it.
Ah i guess i just never noticed
Mind having a Google Drive link?

My apartments internet only lets me download from that site.

It doesn't seem to trust anything else.
Thanks! :)

Gonna give it a try tonight.

Sadly,I may have to ask the same for your new Mystery Incorporated and have the google drive links alongside the mega one.

In case there's anyone else with this restriction issue?

I guess would be the appropriate way of calling it.

But,hey better than paying 75 bucks for a piece of garbage modem I had to plug and unplug every single day and wait 24hours+ longer for it to work right at times.

It was 50/50 of working good and terrible.
I may do Google Drive links in the future. At the moment, there doesn't seem to be a high demand for it. Here's Mystery Incorporated:

Thank you for your response and your time to send me the links.

I appreciate it.
I can't blow up Snake's car in L3M5 because he has too much health. Is that a bug?
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