Has anyone else noticed that several YouTube videos about SHaR use the same thumbnail?

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There is one thumbnail used on too many videos regarding SHaR. Who else has noticed this?

Where are you seeing these videos beacuse they look all different to me...
I can't list any specific examples, but several Let's Plays, as well as OSTs use this thumbnail.
I'm going to assume you mean this image?

It's one of the first results when you do a Google Images search for 'The Simpsons Hit and Run' and as a result many people who were probably looking for a logo or game art or something just end up using it.
Yes, Colou. I was referring to that image.
Also I've notice on basically everyone of LiquidWiFi's full run videos the default thumbnail is always sexy footage
Maybe he's implying that his run videos are sexy footage...
Clickbait at it's finest...
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