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Mission objectives and editing level progress

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Level progress stats will bug if under or over the max amount of rewards, This is a bug with the script functionality and stupid Radical...

It's not really a bug, Radical only intended there to be a set number of rewards in each level and obviously going below or above that is going to break things.

That said, there's been a solution to this for years, simply require CustomStatsTotals and it will adjust totals accordingly.
Thanks for replying loren, so how do i go about adjusting these totals, what files i need to edit and such?

And also, going to my other issue, is there a way we could have a commend to disable the hit and run caught trigger, so they continue to chase you even if if they stop you?
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Actually, I just found the hack to adjust the totals, so that answers that question.

But, I still would like to know if its possible to create a command where the hit and run caught trigger is disabled and create more ways of unlocking cars? Like example, you can unlock a car from each street race you do instead of completing 3 street races and unlocking just the one car?

I really doubt there's a way to change the caught trigger. If it's not in the Demonstration Mod, it's not likely to be a feature. You just have to compromise. The game hasn't been programmed to have custom reward methods. Your options are: "defaultcar", "bonusmission", "streetrace", and "forsale". You can edit them in the rewards.mfk file.
Well not at the moment but, i'm wondering if the commands could be created to achieve this.
I'm not sure about making Hit & Run's last forever, I'll try to ask Lucas about it the next time I talk to him.

As for new reward quest types, that has been on our internal TODO list for quite some time, it's just very hard to implement with how Radical's existing quest types work .
Hit and Run can last forever if you set the decay to 0 but it gets cancelled once you're caught.
Awesome, thanks Loren, let me know how you go.
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