Bender from Futurama .p3d File

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What's up, meatbags? This a download link for a .p3d file of Bender that you can use in any mods you're working on if you like. Here are screenshots to get an idea of what he looks like:

That's awesome. Keep it up
Did you create the model yourself?
Great port, is this from the futurama game on PS2?
Sadly, no. Played that as a kid. Not sure how I'd get the game files from that into SHAR. I created the model from scratch.
The model is not entirely flawless, but, hey, it still looks great!
Nice work
In all fairness, it's my first custom character. Still learning.
The game model is available here for reference, however yours looks good as well

I don't know where to place this in the Mod Launcher to add him into the game. Could someone please tell me?
It's not a mod of any sort, just a model/Pure3D (P3D) file for the character. You'll need to add him to a mod yourself.
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