Celebrating Australia Day

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Hey everybody,

Today is Australia Day and we're celebrating with a special mod release. This mod will work in version 1.18 or newer of the Mod Launcher as well as the obscure demo version of the game.

We hope those in Australia like our own Lucas and those who aren't enjoy this all the same.

Download Australian Edition now!

- Donut Team
Happy Australia Day to all who celebrate it.
Didn't knew such holiday exists. Still, happy Australia Day!
(Will we celebrate the day The Great Emu War ended?)
Never, I state, only to have Jake answer that we will.
This mod is currently broken when playing any movies so as a temporary workaround to look at the beauty of Australian Edition, you can enable "No Introduction Movies" on the "Settings" tab of the Mod Launcher.

Missions with movies and gags with movies will still be broken until we release a fix in a little bit.
We released a new version (1.0.1) that fixes the issues with the movies. Enjoy!
u double posted, Great one Kenny, Jake, Loren or Lucas...
The community has voted this post below the point threshold. This means the post is either viewed as inaccurate, unhelpful or does not contribute to this thread.

Keep in mind that Donut Team themselves are allowed to bend the rules a little if necessary.
The double posting guidelines state that "multiple posts in a row that do not add to the conversation will be removed." That second post adds to the conversation.

People would not have known to look for the updated version of the mod if they hadn't posted a second time.
This is a nice gesture, thanks donut team, I also wish Lucas and everyone who is fair dinkum aussie, a ripper Australia day! aussie aussie aussie - oi oi oi
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