DTCSS Update - 29 January 2019

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Hey all,

We've made some tweaks to our legacy website, also known as the Donut Team Content Submission System (DTCSS). Because of these tweaks, I felt it was important to publicly disclose them. This thread will be more technical than our general changelogs and is only intended for people already using the DTCSS.

Our current site and the legacy site's systems are extremely different. As such, we've now removed the following features from the legacy site:
  • Profiles have been removed
    • STAFF: Moderators can no longer use the legacy site as a way of moderating a user. This was previously extremely discouraged.
    • Play History can no longer be removed/hidden on the legacy site. This change was made because the systems are not compatible anymore.
    • You can no longer view profile information using the legacy site.
  • Forum has been removed, the Content System is now the main page.
  • The "Remember Me" option was removed.
  • The option to confirm your email address via the legacy site has been removed.
  • The option to reset your password via the legacy site has been removed.
  • We've removed several stylesheet files used on the site. It is now using a generic Bootstrap 3.3 design.
  • STAFF: The management panel has been entirely removed as all functionality is now available on the live site*
    • *This does not include the "Site Maintenance" option which we have removed in favour of a new system.
  • STAFF: The "Add Badges" option has been removed.

  • The list of submissions (both personal and community wide) now show in red if it has been denied, green if it is accepted and blue if it is pending.
  • STAFF: The list of community submissions is now shown in the order of Pending -> Approved -> Denied
  • STAFF: Clicking the link on the user will open live site profile.

Moving forward:
  • The Donut Team Content Submission System (DTCSS) has entered End of Life. This means we will no longer support it by any means. We will continue to monitor it until a new solution is released.
  • We will soon be trialing its successor with a few select users. These users have been pre-determined based on the quality and quantity of their releases and will be reached out to in the coming months. We're hoping these users bring all of their creations to the platform as soon as its available to the general public.
  • Our plan is to remove the DTCSS entirely by the end of this year.

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