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I've noticed several things on TCRF's various pages for Hit & Run that need additions, etc. I'm not going to include the prototype page here, since it's just been created. This list is essentially a reminder to anyone who can edit these pages.

Main Page
Unused Levels
  • Dump of the code found in level 08's art file.
Unused Areas
  • Way more info needed, as well as some more images.
Unused Gags
  • Another one here:
Unused Music Tracks
Unused Drama Switches
  • List them, as well as provide audio files.
  • PR Asset Disc images, etc.
what tcrf?
The Cutting Room Floor's pages, for Hit & Run.
Regarding 'Unused Drama Switches'
I listed all of them. And, while half of them simply refuses to work (since there is no drama version of the music), the other half needs to be confirmed, 'cause I'm sure at least some of those "unused" drama variations still play in game
[removed]11 months
OK, but the rest need to be added, etc. Also, I'm not sure that any of the drama switches trigger, the three race missions in question just use one long song throughout the whole thing.

Can you elaborate on why you left a link to a thread totally unrelated to this?

PR Asset Disc images, etc.
Someone here has the files? I always wanted to have them (not only the video on youtube).
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