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TCRF To-do's

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  • Document the PC Demo build. There are few differences, and a large chunk of unused files within.

  • Analyse and add differences between the final game, and the concept art and screenshots found within the PR Asset Discs.
  • Add a download link to the PR Asset Discs' content.

Unused Voice Lines
  • Add missing audio files.
  • Lisa has unused dialogue for completing a "losethetail" Objective.

Unused Stage Messages
  • Rename to "Unused Text", as not just Stage Messages are showcased here.
  • Add the developer comments that are sprinkled everywhere.
  • Add the rest found here.

Unused Mission Objectives
  • There's a lot of other commented-out lines of text not documented that aren't full Objectives, but neither is the unused "timeout" Condition from the final Stage of Level 2-Mission 7, Cell Outs that already is showcased there.

  • Add the fact that the player isn't automatically exited from their vehicle during the final Stage of the Nuclear Waste Delivery Missions.
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