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Donut Team On Mobile Issue

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I've found this website has some trouble with auto-correct on mobile. Apostrophes seem to be considered the start of a new word, so "I've" is corrected to "I'very". Anyone else had this issue?
I haven't been able to replicate the issue and this seems like an issue outside of the scope of the website, but I'd like to investigate the issue a bit more. Can I have more information?

Information like:
  • What is your device?
  • Android or iOS? What version?
  • What browser are you using? What version?
  • What keyboard software are you using? If not default, what version?

Samsung Galaxy S7 on Chrome. Android version 6.0.1. Keyboard would be default. If you can't fix it, that's fine. I just wanted to bring it to your attention.
I'll take a look and see if I'm able to figure out the issue. Thanks for the report.
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