Vehicle P3D File Names

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Hello everyone! yesterday, I made a topic requesting vehicle codes & I never really got a response so I tried it myself, I'd just like to share this with everyone so they can make their own mods:

You can view here

Ambulance ambul.p3d
Longhorn apu_v.p3d
ATV atv_v.p3d
Red Ferrini bart_v.p3d
El Camino bbman_v.p3d
Book Burn bookb_v.p3d
36 Stutz Bearcat burns_v.p3d
Casino Armoured Truck burnsarm.p3d
Custom Car Built For Homer carhom_v.p3d
Armoured Truck cArmor.p3d
Black Ferrini cBlbart.p3d
Bonestorm Truck cBone.p3d
Blue Cellphone Car cCellA.p3d
Orange Cellphone Car cCellB.p3d
Purple Cellphone Car cCellC.p3d
Light Blue Cellphone Car cCellD.p3d
Cola Truck cCola.p3d
Cube Truck cCube.p3d
Curator cCurator.p3d
Donut Truck cDonut.p3d
Duff Truck cDuff.p3d
Fire Truck cFire_v.p3d
Hearse cHears.p3d
Krusty Limo cKilmo.p3d
Cletus Truck cletu_v.p3d
Chase Limo cLimo.p3d
Milk Truck cMilk.p3d
Nerd Car cNerd.p3d
Baby Car cNonup.p3d
Coffin coffin.p3d
Gremlin comic_v.p3d
CompactA compactA.p3d
Police Car cPolice.p3d
Chase Sedan cSedan.p3d
Chase Van cVan.p3d
Dune Buggy dune_v.p3d
Electaurus elect_v.p3d
Family Sedan famil_v.p3d
Fish Truck fishtruc.p3d
Open Wheel Race Car fone_v.p3d
Hovercar frink_v.p3d
Garbage Truck garbage.p3d
Krusty Glass Truck glastruc.p3d
WWII Jeep gramp_v.p3d
WWII Jeep With Rocket gramR_v.p3d
Hallo hallo.p3d
Hover Bike hbike_v.p3d
70’s Sports Car homer_v.p3d
Honor Roller honor.p3d
Broken huskA.p3d
Planet Hype Car hype_v.p3d
Ice Cream Truck icecream.p3d
Itchy & Scratchy Truck IStruck.p3d
Knight Boat knigh_v.p3d
Clown Car krust_v.p3d
Malibu Stacy Car lisa_v.p3d
Canyonero marge_v.p3d
Mini Van minivanA.p3d
Moe’s Sedan moe_v.p3d
Monorail mono_v.p3d
Mr Plow mrplo_v.p3d
Nuclear Waste Truck nuctruck.p3d
Buggy oblit_v.p3d
Otto’s School Bus otto_v.p3d
Pickup pickupA.p3d
Chase Sedan (Pizza) pizza.p3d
Plow King plowk_v.p3d
Redbrick redbrick.p3d
Rocket Car rocke_v.p3d
School Bus schoolbu.p3d
Globex Villian Car scorp_v.p3d
SedanA sedanA.p3d
SedanB sedanB.p3d
Dutchman Ship ship.p3d
Skinner’s Sedan skinn_v.p3d
Burns Limo with Smithers smith_v.p3d
Bandit snake_v.p3d
SportsA sportsA.p3d
SportsB sportsB.p3d
Taxi taxiA.p3d
Audi TT tt.p3d
Quimby Truck votetruc.p3d
WagonA wagonA.p3d
WiggumA wiggu_v.p3d
Willie’s Tractor willi_v.p3d
Witch Car witchcar.p3d
Zombie Car zombie_v.p3d
or at Dropbox
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