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Hello again,

Not necessary a mod request but, more of a command request. I was wondering if it's possible to make a command where it makes the ai re-spawn back to full health from where they were destroyed after they have been destroyed? I know this is possible as it happens in the bonus games where if either you or an ai destroy your car, you just re-spawn from the point where you were destroyed. so is it possible to implement that feature into the main game? I would like this feature for my mod i am working on.

If it's already destroyed just use the ActivateVehicle command (i forget the exact one)
I know that but, that would mean i would have to make a new stage and the ai would have to reset to the set spawn point. I'm wanting the ai to reset where they were destroyed and to continue the path from that point like they do in the bonus games. this would be good for when using the 'destroycars' objective and the target count is like '10'.

I know they do reset if they get stuck in a spot and they are not moving, so was hoping if I could get them to do they same when they get destroyed
Put "NULL" in the location slot and it won't spawn in a new spot.
I know what you mean but, the ai would be heading to the first checkpoint once i make a new stage, and I want them to continue to follow the path from the point of where ever they were destroyed at, it just wouldn't work properly if I did the null command. plus, i'm trying to avoid making a bunch of stages so, the mission works more smoothly. I'm sure the command can be achievable.
You can't make new waypoints? I feel like you're overcomplicating it.
I'm not, making new way points won't work because, you dont know where the ai cars are gonna be destroyed at, it could be anywhere and if I do new way points, they could go way of course and end up going the opposite way that I want them to go (which I dont want). see, i want to make everything go smoothly by the ai just following the same path and go in the correct direction the whole time. thats why I want the re-spawn like in the bonus games so they continue to follow the path.

I'll give you an example of what I mean, if an ai car passes the first checkpoint for the next stage before it gets destroys, and when it moves on to the next stage, the ai will spawn back, turn around and head to the first checkpoint that it already passed which I do not want. but, if there was a command that lets them re-spawn back where they were last destroyed and continue to follow the same path, that would be ideal.
Then get rid of the first waypoint. Nothing will be perfect.
Well, hence why I am asking this question, if it can be done - it can be done, if it can't - at least I tried
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