Donut Team February 2019 Website Update #1 (v6.5) - General Information

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Hello everyone,

On 5 February 2019, we initiated an emergency maintenance at approximately 12:00 AM (ET). The call was made to push the site into emergency maintenance approximately 45 minutes before. To ensure that all users are able to finish up their work, we decided to give 45 minutes to plan.

We wanted to push an update to our login code to make the site even more secure and to allow future features such as 2FA to be developed in the future. The reason we decided to call this an emergency maintenance is we felt it was extremely important to get this patch out as quickly as possible.

Everyone will be logged out when the site comes back online, you will need to re-sign in.

  • Implemented a new login system on our backend this is more secure and allows users to remotely revoke access to their account.
  • Added the ability to remotely revoke access to your account from the new "Security" page. Visit the page here
  • Removed the "Sign in History" page as it is no longer relevant.
  • Moved the option to change your password to the new "Security" page.
  • Fixed a nasty bug that prevented users from confirming their emails in some situations.

Several internal site components were changed, so please let us know when you discover bugs.

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