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Edit (25/03/2020): Ha, remember this mod? I never got far with the mod and it was "cancelled" long ago. This post is an archive. Also, there are loads of actually released and good mods with the same premise of this one (and sometimes other extra content), so go try those if you are interested.

I've recently decided to can both of the mods of which I had ideas for, Debug Mod, and Hellfish Mode, leaving me with one final idea for a first mod.

Despite the fact that it may be a while before I can create mods, I've decided to post the fact that I have clear intentions of doing it here, to avoid a similar situation to Hellfish Mode, where another user beat me to creating it.

What Is "Mission Revamp Mod"

The mod's intention is in the title. It revamps all of the base game's missions, Street Races, and Wager Races with edited and newly added objectives. One of it's main goals is to ensure that missions (particularly the Alien "Auto" Topsy missions) are very different, with more objectives and variety within the missions themselves, one of the issues commonly cited about the game, with people complaining that most of the game is spent driving from one place to the next.
Sounds interesting, good luck with that!
A bit of a status update, on new ideas. So far, the mod's in the planning stages.

Planning has began on the tutorial mission, The Cola Caper. I created a document detailing the new version of this mission, with ideas off of the top of my head. I'm not too happy with it, however. Several tweaks need to be made, and the mission as a whole needs to be shortened.

Street Races these have been completely revamped, and are now called Street Challenges. Same goes for Wager Races, which are now called Wager Challenges. Each and every Street and Wager Challenge is different, and Wager Challenges do still award coins. The best part is that, when you start the Street/Wager Challenge, you have no idea what you'll be doing. It could be a race, it could be a Donut Mod inspired derby, or something completely different!
Your mod look very nice
[removed]1 year
I deleted the most recent status update in favor of this one, since the last one didn't provide enough information.

In said status update, I stated that Level 1's planning is finished, but in truth, this is a lie. I begun to rush, which I have now realised was a huge mistake.

Most of Level 1's revamped missions need a bit of tweaking here and there, with some of them involving me having to change how the maps work, and a few long and tedious on-foot sections here and there. Petty Theft Homer has a mission plan which I would consider acceptable, but nowhere near what it could be and not what I would create if I were working to the best of my ability.

This Old Shanty, the Street Challenges, and the Wager Challenge have not yet entered the planning stage.

Anyway. That's all for this status update. Revamping the missions is a lot harder than I originally thought, especially in the earlier levels, where the missions are fairly linear and there isn't much to work with.
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