A mod i'm working on.

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so i know how to make a SHAR mod now, and i decided to make a mod called "Goku's day off" (only name i can think of)

and i made a discord server for it, you are free to join and leave at any time. --> https://discord.gg/dBJhfx <--
and if your lucky, you can beta test it.

you can help with the game and get updates on how the game is going.
here is the (possibly) only update outside of the discord server.

"So i found a goku model after an hour of searching (credit to whoever made the model) but now i need a shaggy rogers model, (Trust me, it's important) but i can't find one anywhere" ok, that's it. bye
I dunno who Goku is, but, every mod matters
Good luck! :p
Gordon CMB:

Even the Really Good Australian Day mod?

Even the Really Good Australian-Russian Edition Mod
Gordon CMB:

Regarding your third link:

That sucks it been cancelled, I was looking forward to seeing it
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