Set To Kill: The Mod Beta 1.5.1 [Discontinued]

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Hey people, have you ever wondered what might go wrong if you've failed a mission, but the game didn't ended? (And, yes, I was inspired by MACCA's thread) Well, if you are, then here you go!
This mod features 7 new missions and 5 new vehicles! (And probably street races and collector cards)

BE AWARE: The mod IS supposed to be hard, hence the name, hence the plot, hence the everything. Don't swear at me if you can't beat the first mission!

The Plot

Level 6 Mission 6, everything goes pretty normal until a black sedan appears and prevents Bart from destroying the last stands, which results in Bart fleeing the scene, and the laser distribution to continue
Will you be able to save the Springfield once again, even though the things got harder, and the city's gonna turn into ashes in a matter of seconds? Good luck!

I will be a beta tester
i beta test for ya
This looks exciting.
This one is very interesting!
If that fourth screenshot is a 23 second destroy mission, then I just have to say...

Definitely not inspired by Cell-Outs in Frank Grimes Mode; specifically: The 25 second destroy task.
You can see the truck's emiting dark gray smoke, so, no
[removed]6 months
Looks fun, Cant wait till it comes out
Beta Tester Plz!
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