Sunset Beyond Springfield: Beta 1.5.1 [Thread update]

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Because of the mod's plot, to add some 'atmosphere'
I don't really mind, as long as the re-texture doesn't look like This.
Bloop, the mod's now released and instantly discontinued, didn't wanted to leave it completely unreleased since there's still some content you might like. Be aware though, since it's beta, lot of features are unavailable and there might be some bugs
Hey, just a small heads-up, the mod development will be continued, and the team's gonna work on it alongside Springfield Noire and another interesting project we've planned for you 👀
Stay tuned!
Hey man, that's so awesome! Good luck with that! Cheers!
Damn! From just reading the new title, and the premise, I can already say this'll be very intriguing.
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