i need help with the Rad Music Script Builder.

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So i was thinking of putting new phonebooth music in my new mod but i don't know how to do that because the rad music script builder does not work for me,
When i open it, it says "No input files specified, Press any key to continue" which is weird because 1, i don't know what input files i need, and 2, tHeRe Is No AnY kEy On My KeYbOaRd!
so what do i do?
The RMS builder is a command line tool, and it can't just be opened like a program. If you want to uncompress an RMS file you can just drag the RMS file onto the EXE. If you want to add custom music, it's a little bit more complicated to recompile than just dragging and dropping. I wrote a tutorial on how to do it here.
Update: It's been resolved,

i'm trying to replace the hit_run_intro and hit_run_main files. here is some info:
	<RSDFile FileName="Mega_Hit_Run_Intro" Size="1533308" AudioFormatEncoding="PCM" AudioFormatChannels="2" AudioFormatBitResolution="16" AudioFormatSamplingRate="24000" />
	<RSDFile FileName="Mega_Hit_Run_Main" Size="29187192" AudioFormatEncoding="PCM" AudioFormatChannels="2" AudioFormatBitResolution="16" AudioFormatSamplingRate="24000" /
	<Stream Name="Mega_Hit_Run_Intro" RSDFile="Mega_Hit_Run_Intro" Streamed="true" TempoTrack="172 4/4" TempoTrackStartBeat="1" />
	<Stream Name="Mega_Hit_Run_Main" RSDFile="Mega_Hit_Run_Main" Streamed="true" TempoTrack="172 4/4" TempoTrackStartBeat="1" />
	<Region Name="Hit_Run_region" Volume="1">
		<Layer Name="l" Constant="true" Volume="1">
				<StreamEvent Name="Mega_Hit_Run_Intro" />
				<StreamEvent Name="Mega_Hit_Run_Main" />
	<Event Name="Hit_and_Run">
		<PlayRegionAction Region="Hit_Run_region" RegionResumeType="Restart" />
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