SetStageCharacterModel Dialogue Not Working

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I have a stage where you play as Cletus and talk to Marge, but the game crashes when you enter the conversation. I replaced the model with Homer and a conversation Homer and Marge have, and it worked just fine. Have I done something wrong, or is it a limitation of the hack?

		SetPresentationBitmap( "art/frontend/dynaload/images/mis01_01.p3d" );
		AmbientAnimationRandomize( 1, 0 );      // ( pc=0, npc=1) (nonrandom=0, random=1)
		AmbientAnimationRandomize( 0, 0 );
		SetConversationCam( 0, "pc_far" );
		SetConversationCam( 1, "npc_near" );
		SetConversationCam( 2, "pc_near" );
		SetConversationCam( 3, "npc_far" );
		SetConversationCam( 4, "pc_far" );
		AddAmbientNpcAnimation( "none" );
		AddAmbientNpcAnimation( "dialogue_yes" );
		AddAmbientNpcAnimation( "none" );
		AddAmbientNpcAnimation( "dialogue_thinking" );
		AddAmbientNpcAnimation( "none" );
		AddAmbientPcAnimation( "dialogue_shake_hand_in_air" );
		AddAmbientPcAnimation( "none" );
		AddAmbientPcAnimation( "dialogue_no" );
		AddAmbientPcAnimation( "none" );
		AddAmbientPcAnimation( "dialogue_hands_on_hips" );
in SetDialogueInfo, I think you need to use the name of the actual player character not the name of the stage character model. Replace Cletus with whatever the level character is, it should work fine then but unfortunately the mouth doesn't seem to move which might be a limitation with the hack.
Now they're just staring at each other. Does it work for you?
Yes it works for me. I assume Homer is the default character so you've got SetDialogueInfo("homer","marge","pretzel",0)? And in the audio files you should have Clt not Hom.
Yeah, that's what I've done.
I can send you a link to the file directory if you'd like.
Yes please do that and I'll try see what's going on
Here you are, thanks!
Here you go I changed the audio files to have Clt instead of Hom and now it works as good as I think it can, like I said the mouth doesn't move and I don't think you can do much about that. Also we're making the same mod right down to the name, I thought I'd stumbled into some alternate universe when I saw that haha.
Thanks a bunch! Let me know if you want to collaborate, might be fun!
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